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EA Generator & EA Creator

Create your own Expert Advisor without Programming!


EA Generator - Explanation

EA Generator or EA Creator is unique software without analogues. The biggest advantage of this software is that it is based on a neural network that reveals the implicit connection to currency movements that can’t be predicted by standard indicators. Another important advantage of this tool is that each created expert advisor is unique. EA Generator is a new revolutionary automated trading technology based on the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence. It is a real breakthrough in automatic forex trading.

Technical indicators are derivatives of rates and their signals delay relative to price. That is why it is more effective to use candle price patterns for more productive trade; this method is widely known and used quite successfully. However, in order to use it, a trader should learn how to choose and interpret characteristic graphical figures, analyzing financial instruments rates history for long time intervals. Such learning requires good memory, talent for visual associative thinking and may last for years. Still, some traders achieve success in time and trade successfully and stably, but it is almost impossible to formalize their trading systems in the form of an algorithm.

It is intuition that matters at such kind of trading, i.e. hidden subconscious processing of trading information and delivery only of the final result, so it is very difficult for a trader to formulate the mental process that leads to this final result. In order to solve problems of automation of such trading systems, we offer to use the software package HLAIMAN - MakeEA MT4, which is based on use of modern methods of machine recognition of graphical images in combination with neural network trainable algorithms. The process of generation of strategies (trading robots) using the given software is carried out in the terminal MetaTrader 4. A set of trading signals in the form of graphical objects, placed on a price chart in a window of the specific trading instrument, is the initial data for generation.

The generation program automatically reads data, processes them and forms a corresponding neural network algorithm of a trading strategy, which implements the given trading logic, coordinating it with patterns of the current price chart. A trading robot module, saved as an expert advisor file, is a self-contained software program, which is ready for use at the platform MT4. You can test, optimize and additionally train your expert advisor, using not only the initially chosen trading instrument, but also any other additional instruments and periods.

EA Generator is a useful and handy tool for independently developing automated Forex expert advisors allowing you to trade using your own strategy. You don’t have to write a single coding line to create an expert advisor. All you need is to place sell and/or buy trades on a chart of a chosen instrument and timeframe in the form of standard graphics objects – arrows. Arrow up is buying, arrow down is selling.

EA Generator software creates complex algorithms which help bring your strategy to life within an automated expert advisor! Thanks to this software, you don’t need any programming or math skills or have to pay a programmer to develop an automated expert advisor. You only need to place trades on a chart, get expert advisor and with just a few clicks, this expert advisor will start using the trading principles that were developed exclusively by you.

EA Generator software uses the graphic interface of the MT4 terminal. It means that you can use the full range of the terminal’s standard graphic interface to place your trades. You can add additional signs and graphics objects to a chart, use both standard and third-party indicators and so on.

What’s more, you can use EA Generator software to search for new, profitable strategies and use them to create automated expert advisors. The EA Generator software delivery set includes an expert advisor, which will help to automatically place signals about the most profitable trades on any chart. Using this data to create an automated expert advisor can bring profit!

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EA Generator Software Components

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