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EA Generator Installation

The software is very easy to install, using the installer “Setup”. The installation process is identical for all versions of the software.

1. Launch the file «InstalMakeEA.exe» (double-click the file «InstalMakeEA.exe»). You will see the following window.

ea generator install1

2. Click the button “Next” to start the installation process.

ea generator install 2

3. You will see the window, where you should choose the executable file of the MT4 terminal, installed on your computer (for example, “C:\Program Files\Alpari NZ MT4\terminal.exe”), to which MakeEA software will be integrated. To do it, click “Browse…”, choose the file “terminal.exe” and then click “Open”. After that click “Next”.

ea generator install 3

4. You will see the window, where you should choose the destination location. The default destination location is the folder “C:\Program Files\MakeEA”. Click “Browse” to choose another destination location. Having chosen the destination location, click “Next”.

ea generator install 4

5. Then you can choose the location of shortcuts of MakeEA software in the menu “Start”. By default it is the folder “MakeEA - Forex Expert Advisor Maker”. Click “Next” to continue.

ea generator install 6

6. Now you will see the window, where you can choose additional tasks, which will be performed during the installation process of MakeEA software. It is recommended not to change the default additional tasks and click “Next”. Attention: User Account Control (UAC) will be turned off to provide correct work of MakeEA software with the MT4 terminal in Windows Vista and above. User Account Control will be actuated again after removal of MakeEA software from your computer. If it is unacceptable for you to turn off User Account Control, you can deactivate the task “Disable User Account Control”, but in this case MakeEA software will work correctly only with the MT4 terminal, which is not installed to the system folder (“Program Files”, etc.).

ea generator install 7

7. The next window will display the resulting information concerning installation of MakeEA software. Click “Install” to start the process of installation. Restart your computer to successfully finish the installation process.

ea generator install 8

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